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WooCommerce Marketing

Marketing is the cradle of every business. You cannot make sales or grow your business if you do not invest in reaching the target audience. You must focus on creating awareness about your presence in the market and offering information about products or services to drive sales.

Opportunity to reach your customers wherever they are

The secret to succeeding online is reaching out to the customers at the places they spend their time. Considering that customers are spread out in different places, you must have a strategy to reach them there. Your e-commerce platform should support your multiple channel marketing strategies, and Woocommerce is not an exception. This platform comes with a bundle of integration to third party market places which include:

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Facebook ads

Facebook is the king of social media. Most people spend their time on Facebook chatting and sharing information. As a business owner, you cannot ignore the crowd using this social platform. Essentially, Facebook is among the largest virtual marketplaces.

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Google listing and ads

No doubt, Google is the leading search engine and online marketplace. Any business seeking to thrive in the virtual space must be easy to find on Google. Woocommerce supports your goal to be on this search engine by offering Google listing integration.

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Additional third party marketplaces

Apart from Google and Facebook, Woocommerce enables you to extend your reach to other popular online marketplaces. You can feature your products on Amazon, eBay, and Pinterest. These third-party integrations spur your business growth and drive more sales.

Stay connected with your customers

Customer engagement is crucial to any thriving business. With increased competition on physical and virtual spaces, ignoring your current customers hands them to your competitors. Without the right e-commerce platform, staying connected to your customers can be a challenge. Woocommerce has the right solutions to keep you connected with customers via email marketing. It allows you to automate email messages to ensure customers gets the right message at the right time. With Woocommerce, you can:

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Reduce abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a central issue for many online stores. Customers put items on the carts and leave without checking out due to different reasons. You can resolve this issue by following up with a customer.

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Have powerful automated emails

Reaching out to your customers to remind them about your business is essential. Importantly, you do not need to send them sales messages. In some instances, you need to make them feel like part of your business.

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Send newsletters

Another way to keep your customers engaged is by sending them a newsletter. Woocommerce enables you to create an emailing list and keep the members updated through regular newsletters.

Reward or offer incentives to your loyal customers

The sustainability of any business relies on its ability to create a loyal customer base. Such customers keep your business moving through repeated sales. Making your customers loyal is not an easy task. However, you can achieve it by offering incentives and rewards to frequent buyers. Woocommerce provides you with robust solutions and features for establishing a strong, loyal customer base. The platform has numerous promotional options for realizing this objective. These are:

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Having offers and discounts in your online store is an effective way of encouraging recurring sales. Customers will always take advantage of offers available to help them save some coins. For this reason, the e-commerce platform of your choice should allow you to develop personalized discounts.

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Rewards and points

Everyone loves appreciation and rewards. This is not different in the e-commerce world. Rewarding your customers will keep them coming back. Woocommerce developers has this information when designing an e-commerce platform.

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Apart from coupons and rewards, Woocommerce offers you an opportunity to gift your customers. With the gift feature, you can offer gifts to your loyal customers. Give your customers free gifts whenever they make repeat sales on your Woocommerce shop. This way, they will keep coming for more items and boost your sales levels.

Chance to share your brand story

Every brand has a story. For you to win customers’ trust and engagement, you need to share your brand story with them. However, this would not be possible when your e-commerce platform does not allow it. Woocommerce supports your effort to share your brand story with the target audience by offering the right tools. These tool include:

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Content marketing is a critical element in enhancing your brand image and awareness. The smart way of realizing this goal is through blogs. Through the blogs, you can share detailed information about your business and its mission.

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SEO and search

No doubt, high traffic equals increased conversion rates. You need to drive traffic to your online store for you to make sales. But for this to happen, you must optimize your store for the search engines.

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Upsells and cross-sells

Another trick for boosting your store sales level is through upselling and cross-selling. Here, you feature related products or link relevant products that your target customers may have an interest in. Woocommerce allows you to perform this task with ease.

Wrapping up

No doubt, marketing is the heartbeat of every venture, and this does not change when you go virtual. You must invest in creating awareness about your presence and the products you are offering in the market. Woocommerce comes with powerful features and marketing solutions to enable you to realize your business goals. The platform helps you share your brand story, reward your customers, build a loyal customer base, and boost your sales levels. In other words, it has every feature you require to strengthen and grow your online business without many challenges.