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WooCommerce Payments

A Payment feature is a crucial element for any online business. As a store owner, you must make it easy for the customers to check out. By this, it means that your online store must offer adequate payment options to meet each customer’s preference.

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All transactions in one place

Managing your money in business is a critical task. For this reason, you need to have a way of accounting and tracking every coin paid in and out of your venture. This task can be complicated when you do not have a single place for financial and transaction management.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Reduced cart abandonment

Cart abandonment can be a nightmare in your online store. Customers visit your site and shop but end up leaving without checking out. In most cases, the lack of their preferred mode of payment is the reason behind this practice. Poor checkout experience hinders many online businesses from realizing their sales goals. Instead, they struggle with huge cart abandonment rates.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Accept payments from Apple Pay

The secret of boosting sales in your online store is serving the customers with their preferences. This rule applies to the payment options too. As many customers switch to iPhone, Apple Pay is becoming their preferred payment option. Certainly, your customers are also in this category.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Multicurrency option

Do you want to sell to the world? One reason that may hinder customers from buying in your store is currency difference. Everyone loves to use a currency familiar to them. When your store requires them to convert it to another currency, they are likely to leave.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Recurring revenue through subscriptions

Do you sell products that require recurring use? Maybe you have a pay-as-you-go or subscription service that your target customers need. The best way to keep them coming back is by having a membership or subscription plan.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Fast and convenient transfers

The goal of your efforts in business is to earn returns. You promote and make sales to get a profit. However, some platform makes it hard for you to withdrawal your deposits from their platform. Sometimes, you have to wait for days or even a month to get your money to the bank. This aspect not only hurts your plans but can also be a setback to your business goals.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Available in many world e-commerce hubs

WooCommerce is your power gear to selling to the world. Its WooCommerce Payment is available for merchants in major e-commerce hubs. You will have the opportunity to use this option if you reside in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, The UK, and The US.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Wrapping Up

No doubt, selling online is as successful as the payment functionality available in the e-commerce platform. Proper payment management leads to a great checkout experience and a low cart abandonment rate. In other words, if customers can easily make payments to your store, you will enjoy more sales.