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WooCommerce Features

When starting an online store, selecting the right e-commerce platform is critical. The platform determines how you will display your products and interact with clients. For any platform to be effective, it must have the right features. Features determine what one can do or not do in their online store.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Open-Source Platform

Woocommerce is an open-source platform. This means that you have the freedom to add, view, or modify codes. Also, other parties have access to the codes and can contribute to them. The benefit of this step is that it keeps the platform updated.

Again, you get full ownership of your online store. In other words, you determine the state and modifications include in your online shop. This way, you achieve your desired level of uniqueness and create a personalized image in your niche.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Easy Store Set Up

Many businesses are operating from their brick and mortar stores to date. One of the reasons is the challenges in setting up an online store. Surprisingly, these businesses have a running website.

With Woocommerce, setting up an online store is no longer a hard tackle. This platform provides an easy way to transform your physical store into a virtual one. Woocommerce comes as part of the WordPress plugins. With this aspect, everyone owning a WordPress website can have an online shop on it.

The process of setting up the shop is easy and simple. Since no coding is necessary, any business owner can do it without requiring a professional. Also, it allows you to leverage your current web traffic. You do not need to build another site from scratch to start selling online. So, Woocommerce provides an opportunity for seamless virtual transformation.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Secure and flexible payment options

Customers will always use different forms to pay for your products and services. For this reason, you must offer them an opportunity to use their preferred means of payment. This aspect is no different in the virtual world.  Your online store must have secure and flexible payment options.  Sketches & Pixels will build your store to accept payments in the form of bank transfers, credit cards, checks, and cash on delivery.

Also, the platform supports over 140 specific region payment gateways. This means you can integrate your store with these gateways and receive payments via PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Square, and Apple Pay. As well, you can accept deposits and subscriptions on your online store. 

WooCommerce Enterprise

Management of orders on the go

The benefit of having an online store is selling around the clock. Your business does not sleep when you go to bed. Instead, it remains operational throughout the day and night. Similarly, you do not need to close your business while on holiday.

But like other businesses, you need to fulfill orders and update your inventories in real-time. A customer does not have to order a product that is out of stock. So, regardless of whether you are in bed or on holiday, you must keep your store updated. This aspect can be challenging.

The platform offers features to enable you to manage orders on the go. It has a simple dashboard that enhances product updates and order fulfilments.     

Also, the platform features automatic tax calculations to save your time. Other features for order management include live shipping rates and label printing at home. Essentially, you can download WooCommerce mobile app on iOS or Android. With these features, you can always take charge of your store orders while on the go. Read more

WooCommerce Enterprise

Unlimited customization

Customization is crucial to every business. When setting up an online business, you require an e-commerce platform that will allow you to sell anything and everything. WooCommerce is such a platform.

Whether you are selling physical or digital products, this platform has the right customization for it. You can allow your customers to purchase single items or bundles. Also, the platform will enable you to offer subscription options and product variations.

Apart from this, WooCommerce offers a range of free and paid extensions. These extensions are essential in boosting the functionality and features of your online store. Some of the crucial extensions include point of sale, store enhancements, marketing integrations, and multichannel options.

With these elements, you have unlimited customization options that transform your store based on your needs and budget.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Multichannel capabilities

In the modern market, taking your products to where customers reside is the secret to a successful business. Every entrepreneur must diversify their customer-reaching channels. This concept applies in the physical and virtual space.

Woocommerce offers powerful features to support your multichannel selling capabilities. It allows you to market your store by listing your products on Google Shopping. Also, it powers social media marketing. As a store owner, you have a chance to promote and market your products on Facebook.

In case you have a new product, you can reach out to your customers through email. The platform offers seamless integration with Mailchimp that enhances email communication with your customers. In addition, you can integrate your store with Google Analytics. This way, you can track and get reports on your marketing campaigns and efforts. 

WooCommerce Enterprise

Selling to the world

The world is now a global village. When you move your business online, you open it to the global community. Customers can come from any country and continent. But for you to achieve the dream of selling to the world, you must set up your online store on a platform that supports it.

Here is where Woocommerce makes sense. As a leading e-commerce platform, it supports the desire for businesses to go global. This platform offers multicurrency and multilingual features allowing you to make your store customer-friendly.

Woocommerce supports over 24 language translations, including Persian, Danish, Ukraine, French, and German. The support of multiple languages sets it as a global e-commerce platform. With these features, it becomes easy for you to sell to people regardless of their location across the globe. Read more

WooCommerce Enterprise


One threat facing online stores is cyberattacks. As everything goes virtual, criminals are also following the trend. Many online stores have been victims of massive spamming and brute force attacks. Such experiences not only hurt your business but also impact your customers negatively.

Woocommerce offers a solution for dealing with such aspects. Through the Jetpack integration, you can keep your online store secure. This add-on allows you to have secure and authentic customer logins.

Also, it prevents brute force and spam attacks. Essentially, Jetpack boosts your website speed and backups. You will also receive notifications on downtimes and shipping updates. Hence, you can operate a safe and secure online store. Read more

WooCommerce Enterprise

Woocommerce blocks

How you display your products on your online store impacts your sales. The product display must be convincing and attractive. However, this relies on the availability of a feature to fulfill such a desire.

Woocommerce has a user-centric design that powers your product display needs. The platform comes with Woocommerce blocks. These blocks allow you to display products in categories and groups.

For instance, you can have Top sellers, Bestsellers, New products, or On-sale products displayed on different pages of your website. Also, you can handpick or categorize products depending on how and where you want to feature them. This way, you will likely have the right product to the right audience to spur your sales level.

Read more

WooCommerce Enterprise

Wrapping up

No doubt, Woocommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that any WordPress web owner should consider. The platform has every feature one requires to set their feet on the online market.

Also, it has a simple and user-friendly dashboard for easy management of your online store. Read more