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WooCommerce Shipping

Shipping marks the final stage of any transaction. Your sales process becomes complete when your customer receives the items they had ordered. Without a proper shipping process, troubles will be the usual case in your business. Customers will not get deliveries on time.

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Manage shipping right from your store dashboard

Having control over your shipments is essential to every store owner. Sometimes, this can be challenging when you have to log on to different third-party sites to manage your shipments. You undergo a rigorous process of copying and pasting order details to a fulfillment app or software.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Prepare and print labels on the store dashboard

No doubt, having to contract external ventures to prepare and print your item labels can be a hard task. The company can miss essential details about the item leading to delivery to the wrong address or failing to reach the destination.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Use international shipping companies

Enjoy easy shipping with international carrier companies. With WooCommerce, you can have seamless order fulfillment by shipping with reputable carriers such as DHL and USPS. These global carriers make your shipping for local and international to become easy.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Ship locally with USPS

If your store is in the USA, USPS stands out as a good shipping idea. The company has addresses for each resident and will make your shipping seamless. WooCommerce supports your local shipping mission by allowing you to integrate your store with USPS. Install the USPS extension on your WooCommerce store and save time and money for domestic shipment.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Ship internationally with DHL

Do you have international orders you want to fulfill? Getting a credible shipping company that will ensure timely deliveries can be a challenge. The case can be even harder when you are a new webpreneur. This is the reason why you should go for WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform of choice.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Easy to configure your shipping options

Determine how much to charge individuals as a shipping fee can be a challenge. The case is tough when you want to offer different shipping packages. Woocommerce is aware of the need for flexibility when it comes to shipping.

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Choose your shipping zones

Are you shipping to different destinations? Unlike in the brick-and-mortar store, online business goes beyond the boundaries. You will receive orders from customers across the states and countries. Despite their location, you have a responsibility to fulfill each order received in your business.

WooCommerce Enterprise

Wrapping Up

As you can see, WooCommerce Shipping is a power extension that will move your order fulfillment to another level. With it, you will have the freedom to prepare and print shipping labels. You can enjoy discounted DHL and USPS postages.